Nurse of the Month – June 2022

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Nurse of the Month – June 2022

At First Choice Care, we want to celebrate our amazing nurses! So, we will be announcing a nurse of the month, every month. This nurse will be kind, caring and compassionate and be reliable and dedicated to our nursing agency.

Congratulations Jacqui G. you have been nominated as our nurse of the month for June 2022! Jacqui is one of our R&R nurses at First Choice Care. Read what Jacqui likes most about First Choice Care:


What do you like most about FCC?

FCC has always provided me with an opportunity to explore many awesome places with the bonus of earning a living. I find the team approachable, felt ‘heard’ if I have had any issues that may require adjustment. Accommodation provided has always been fantastic which takes the stress out of travelling to and from a workplace. The care packages are a pleasant bonus 😊

Why did you want to be a nurse?

I have always felt that I could make a difference in others lives whether it be patients or work colleagues. Working within the Operating Theatres provides never ending challenges both personally and professionally. But I enjoy taking the back seat to assisting others to be able to live their best lives. Being a nurse has shown me to be more grateful for the opportunities I have been given and to stay humble.

What has been the highlight of working with FCC?

I find the team approachable and if there is a location where I would like to work, they have sought something for me and facilitated a contract. I have met some amazing people, made great friends, and have seen the most beautiful places.

Would you recommend FCC to other nurses and why?

Absolutely! I would recommend FCC to other nurses as I have always felt that I have been treated with respect, felt part of the ‘family’ that is FCC, and the team works with you to ensure your experiences are positive and rewarding.


Join the team that cares about you as much as you care about your patients