Exceptional Healthcare For Extraordinary Remote and Rural Communities

It takes incredible people to nurse across the remote and rural communities of Australia’s North East. First Choice Care Nursing Agency gives extraordinary registered nurses the chance to build a career and lifestyle they love, while making an impact on the communities that so sorely need access to remote health. 

Supporting registered nurses into the adventure of a remote and rural career, we give them everything they need to make the most of their travels.

Thanks to a partnership with Queensland Health and New South Wales Health, we connect hundreds of communities with talented nursing staff every year.

As ex-remote and rural nurses ourselves, we tailor the nurse experience while providing the right people to support your local community.

See where a remote & rural career can take you

Understand how easy it is to get the experts you need to support your local teams

Starting your remote nursing adventure, or getting the support your community needs is simple.

Our dedicated team is always happy to talk you through what’s on offer or work to find you your next nurse as quickly as possible.

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