Travel. Earn. Make A Difference

Why Become A Travel Nurse?

See unbelievable places, meet incredible people and have an immeasurable impact, all while you work. Advance your career and expand your horizons by providing a wide range of healthcare services in isolated communities all over North Eastern Australia.

Travel nursing is a great opportunity to put your skills to their best use and earn well while you do it.

It’s perfect for nurses who:

What’s It Like?

I have been work with FCC since 2013, I enjoy working with the company. The staff are friendly, supporting and also cheeky sometimes 🤭🤗. FCC has plenty of jobs for you to work and the shifts are flexible. I’ve never met the call center staff but I feel like we know each other and are working under the same roof. I introduce FCC to all of the nurses I came across, and I’m glad a lot of them have joined.

Jasmine, FCC Nurse in Roma, QLD

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