A Quick but Useful Agency Staffing Guide for NUMS, ANUMS and Roster Managers

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Where do you turn when needing to fill a nursing vacancy? Though calling a nursing agency may not be your go-to option, maybe you it should be? Nursing agencies like First Choice Care take away a lot of the staffing headaches you may currently be experiencing like pay, organising supernumerary time, dealing with professional and behavioural issues. Employing a First Choice Care staff member to fill your next shift vacancy may be the no-stress option you desperately need.

The Truth About Agency Nurses

As an ANUM myself, I know the negative stigma that can sometimes come with employing agency nurses to fill a shift. The thought is often they are super expensive and risk blowing out the budget. But if you take a step back and really consider what is at play, agency nurses can have many benefits for your facility.

Agency nurses are adaptable and resourceful by nature. Moving from one facility to the next, working with new people and becoming familiar with different environments every day. Though most non-agency workers find the idea of this kind of work incredibly stressful, these nurses thrive on the challenge! If something changes or doesn’t go their way they take it in their stride and carry on, getting the job done and going where they are needed because no two days are ever the same for an agency nurse and that is their normal! No drama, no stress and no tantrums!  Agency nurses are an incredible asset to the team and management by slotting in and hitting the ground running, requiring no micromanagement, leaving you free to solve all the other problems that come up on the ward! At least staffing is no longer one of them.

You’ll Save Time Employing An Agency Nurse

At the end of the day you want your patients to be cared for by the most clinically competent registered or enrolled nurse, right? You want to feel confident that the nurses on your team are fit with both the skills and mindset to provide the best patient centered care possible. Well, this nirvana is possible by filling your shift vacancies with First Choice Care nurses.

You no longer need to provide extended orientation information to oncoming agency staff because First Choice has provided that information already. You don’t need to ask if they are safe and competent to complete common nursing tasks such as hand hygiene, manual handling, cannulation and basic life support because the agency has taken the time to ensure these competencies have been successfully passed. And you can save time on addressing issues around pay and leave entitlements as the agency looks after these challenging conversations. So yes, agency nurses may cost a little more, but what value do you place on your time?

In summary, agency nurses can help your next shift run as smoothly as one full with permanent staff. The registered and enrolled nurses coming from First Choice Care are reliable, passionate and adaptable and are ready to provide the excellent, patient centered care that your patients deserve.

Emma Smith

Registered Nurse

Join the team that cares about you as much as you care about your patients